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Scandinavian Biolabs is not a sustainable beauty company, yet. We acknowledge that many underlying issues are defined by larger variables within the cosmetics industry. We are aware that we are not perfect, but every day we are striving to produce products that are not only health-conscious, but just a bit more environmentally conscious than yesterday. Through this page, you can discover what we are already doing – and even more importantly, what we are working towards. We want to be transparent around our current practices, and keep you updated on what we will be doing better. We are mainly focused on four key areas; Ingredients, production, shipping, and plastic consumption.


With all Scandinavian Biolabs’ products, functionality reigns supreme. This means that we have looked beyond Denmark to get the very best ingredients from experts throughout the globe. While we are mindful of the carbon footprint from our current sourcing methods, we are striving to minimize our impact without compromising formula functionality.

Products and production

Our core range of products are produced and manufactured locally outside of our offices in Copenhagen, Denmark. This enables us to easily check the quality of all our productions but also minimizes our transportation footprint while establishing fair social conditions for all employees.


We are always trying to be as accessible as possible – globally. This also means that we are aware of our shipping footprint. Currently, we ship all our products directly from Denmark. While this means short distances from production to our packaging warehouse, it can, unfortunately, mean longer distances for our customers around the world. We are continuously working on initiatives that can shorten distances to all our customers.


Plastic consumption is one of the greatest challenges facing the cosmetic industry. While the material is sterilized, durable and especially great for personal care products, we are also aware of the negative impact plastic consumption has on our environment.

We always strive to minimize the use of plastic in our products, but currently both our shampoo and conditioner are in plastic containers. However, we have a collaboration with Cleanhub that collects plastic corresponding to our consumption, which ensures that we have been plastic neutral since 2022.